Alpha Box & Dice Zaptung N.V.

Alpha Box & Dice Zaptung N.V.

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Country : Australian Wine

Grape   : Glera

Pairing  : On its own or with Chips, Chili or Oysters

Alcohol : 11%

Drink Zappers on its own as a pick-me-up and rejoice in its unique hydration qualities.

Astound your friends and confound your enemies as it makes you appear infinitely more sophisticated than they remember. Use it in cocktails — yeah, that’s right – cocktails. Wear a sexy mask and pretend you are in Venice while you nonchalantly whip up some Bellinis and Aperol Spritzes for your excited guests. Put it in an atomiser and spray it on your face while you are dancing at the disco, simultaneously refreshing mind, body and spirit with every pump…

It is truly the most versatile of beverages.


LOOKS LIKE… Zeus’ first born

FEELS LIKE… A defibrillator’s tickle

SOUNDS LIKE… Santigold – Can’t Get Enough Of Myself

SMELLS LIKE… Chanel #6

TASTES LIKE… Soft spice, almond paste, white flowers