About us

Established in 1983, our family business has been purveying fine wines to the thirsty ladies and gentlemen of Greater Manchester and beyond for over three decades. 

Wino's, Oldham

Wino's is our mother ship! Family run since 1983, Winos of Oldham has been our home, and, we are very proud to be surrounded by such dedicated, enthusiastic, open minded drinkers.

This shop offers stupendous treasures for the relentless wine anorak, whilst at the same time, keeping the regular drinkers happy with an excellent range of basic varietals, at reasonable prices.

Spray on dust this is not - but the real McCoy...some of these wines have been in store quite some time, in fact I believe the oldest to be 1910 vintage.

Free Parking at the rear of the store.

Saddleworth Wine Vault, Uppermill

Opened in November 2011, much to the chagrin of the local supermarkets, as this little, underground wine vault has over 400 hand selected wines on display and a goodly number of spirits to boot.

We also provide a superb wholesale service for many restaurants and pubs in the area, for whom we perform various wine based events around the year. Delivering directly from many regions around the globe and with over 3000 different wines in stock and hundreds of spirits and beers, we pride ourselves on having most tipples our punters require.

Our team of dedicated winos is here to inspire and educate - so please pop by for a bottle (or two).